The conference "Blockchain Solutions in Healthcare" was jointly organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and John von Neumann Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. in Budapest on 12 December 2023. The event featured a detailed presentation of blockchain-based solutions to increase the efficiency and security of healthcare related services.

In his opening speech, Gergely Fábián, Minister of State for Industrial Policy and Technology of the Ministry of Economic Development, highlighted that the present pilot project was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and the NTP. The aim is to present more and more practical and concrete examples, from which we can learn and develop. He added that the projects and results of the Blockchain Coalition are not only relevant for the healthcare industry, but also for many other industries that use digital identifiers.

At the event, Balázs Szentgyörgyi, CEO of John von Neumann Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. pointed out that the wider society is less aware of the safe use of blockchain technology. Therefore, the NTP's task is to educate and promote the technology.

Dr. Dávid Gulyás, strategic and legal director of Clinexpert Ltd., pointed out in his presentation that the widespread introduction of blockchain in clinical diagnostics in Hungary would provide a technological advantage that would give Hungarian companies a significant competitive edge.

Pál Gönczi, Project Manager of Molaris Ltd., said that the key advantages of this solution include security, transparency and exceptional flexibility, while the pilot project supports the authentication of healthcare databases based on blockchain technology. He added that it is a reliable and secure way to maintain data integrity, detect data manipulation, maintain data confidentiality and operate in compliance with strict legal protections.

At the conference, Dr. Viktor Vajda, Deputy Managing Director of the John von Neumann Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. presented the blockchain technology projects and regulatory efforts of the Neumann Technology Platform (NTP).

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