The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coalition provides a professional platform for business, research, academia and government in the field of AI. Our goal is to help Hungary become a European leader in AI development and to improve the competitiveness of Hungarian SMEs by developing a national AI strategy based on broad consultation.  

We are also raising awareness of related technologies to bring AI-based solutions that can be used in everyday life closer to society. 

The founders of the AI Coalition intend to jointly define the directions and framework for the development of AI in Hungary, providing a permanent professional and collaborative forum between AI developers, market and public actors representing the user side of AI, academia, professional organisations and public institutions.  

The AI Coalition has played a significant role in the development of Hungary's Artificial Intelligence Strategy is involved in its implementation and review, and in the analysis of the social and economic impacts of the spread of AI. The formation of the AI Coalition sends a clear message to the wider world: Hungary has opened its doors to AI developments.

The Hungarian AI Coalition was founded on 9 October 2018 with the participation of 78 international and domestic companies, universities, scientific workshops, professional and public administration organisations, and since then it has more than 400 members. It continues its work in the following 6 working groups:

    • applications and market development
    • technology and security
    • data industry and data assets
    • international relations
    • education and awareness
    • regulation and ethical frameworks

    Artificial Intelligence Challenge (AI Challenge) 

    On 01.12.2020 - The AI Challenge -was established with the aim of raising awareness of AI, to introduce at least 1 million Hungarian citizens to AI through exhibitions and events, and to provide 100 thousand of them with basic knowledge through free online tutorials. The unique feature of the action is that no educational content has been produced in Hungarian on the subject in an accessible way.

    With the help of the Artificial Intelligence Challenge, another goal of Hungary's Artificial Intelligence Strategy Action Plan until 2025 has been met. The AI Challenge has introduced more than 4.5 million Hungarian citizens to artificial intelligence through exhibitions and events, and 100,000 of them have learned the basics through free online tutorials, and has been awarded a Diamond Award in the Content Marketing category of the Marketing Diamond Awards.

    As part of the AI Challenge, for the first time, we have created a unique and free AI tutorial, a free, home-grown online course for everyone. Created by experts from Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), the "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" tutorial gives readers a basic insight into the exciting world of artificial intelligence, and provides case studies and success stories to help them understand the applications of the technology. Coalition members have also contributed to a video tutorial, available on the Coalition's YouTube channel, entitled "Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life"..

    More information and the Coalition's website can be found here: