DEDS - Digital Export Development Strategy of Hungary

The information-technology (IT) and the information and communication technologies sector (ICT) plays a prominent role in the Hungarian national economy and foreign trade. In Hungary, the technology-based economy already accounts for a significant share of GDP and employs a significant number of workers. 

The Digital Export Development Strategy of Hungary defines a comprehensive governmental package of measures designed to improve the export capacities of SMEs engaged in IT services. The development of the export performance of the digital economy can largely contribute to the growth of the Hungarian economy, create a number of attractive jobs of high added value also for youths, boost domestic digital innovation, and improve Hungary’s international recognition through the utilisation of Hungarian know-how and innovation. 

The aim of the Technology Transfer Directorate is to help as many domestic, technology-based, high value-added enterprises as possible to enter the international market. Our activities are carried out free of charge in connection with the implementation of the DEDS. We have worked hard in recent years to work effectively with the ecosystem to achieve our goals.