In 2019 the Digitalisation Strategy in Agriculture was accepted by the Hungarian Government, which included the developement of the Digitalisation Strategy for food sector (DFS). The main goals of the DFS are improvement of the efficiency of food production systems as well as enhancement of competitiveness at national and international levels in order to achieve a stable food processing and food supply that creates a marketable, profitable food industry with security of supply in the long term. The objectives of the DFS are concrete action plan for the intensive use of digital, automatic and robotic technologies (including information gathering, processing and feedback along the entire vertical of the production chain, with a high level of automatisation and robotisation of production management and technological operations) in the food industry, thereby increasing the efficiency of production, processing and human resource management, reducing waste and other environmentally harmful emissions, creating and operating as many new and innovative food technologies, products and services as possible, get the most of the opportunities and potential offered by digitalisation.