The Project Department of the Neumann János Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. is responsible for the project management and project financial tasks related to the projects implemented with national and European Union funds under the management of the Company. Within its project management activities, it carries out the coordination and administration of the tasks necessary for the implementation of projects in the field of industrial and technological development. Ensuring that deadlines and schedules are met and liaising with external partners involved in the implementation of projects. At present, the Company is a member of several international consortia, mainly within the Digital Europe Programme on blockchain, with three winning proposals, which will help to prepare the practical application of blockchain technology at European level in a broad cooperation. At EU level, we are also involved in the implementation of the European Digital Innovation Hubs ecosystem, which aims to provide Hungarian SMEs with the opportunity to respond to today's digital challenges.

Our company also implements EU-funded operational programmes, the most important of which is currently the GINOP-3.2.8-20-2020-00001 project "Development of an AI innovation and competence centre, data asset management capacity for Hungarian SMEs to promote Artificial Intelligence applications", which has successfully involved 150 Hungarian SMEs.

In addition to the above, the Project Department of the Neumann János Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. has the priority of carrying out the tasks related to grant management, which started in November 2022. Accordingly, we are responsible for the monitoring and coordination of the use of non-reimbursable grants awarded under the Irinyi Plan Industrial Strategy Support Programme, the IPAR4.0 Programme and the Irinyi Plan Food Supplier Development Programme from 2018 onwards, and for supporting the use of the programmes in accordance with their objectives. Currently, 179 projects of Hungarian enterprises are being managed.

Our goal for the future is to continue to have as many successful tenders as possible. Our Company is constantly working on the preparation of new projects and new cooperation opportunities.