Neumann Technology Platform


The founder of the Neumann Technology Platform, the Neumann Nonprofit Ltd., as a supporting institution of the Ministry of Economic Development, supports the development of Hungarian industrial strategy, and ensures the creation of the operating conditions for platforms and coalitions for the development of the ecosystem of certain priority technologies, with special regard to 5G, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and Industry 4.0 technologies. 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Drone, and Industry 4.0 technologies. 

The changing trends of today's economy and technology not only affect everyday life, but also the economy and industry, posing challenges to both the national economy and competitiveness.  

The Neumann Technology Platform is a think-tank created by this recognition, whose mission is to disseminate industrial and technological applications to the SME sector, large companies and public bodies, to promote technological change, to support the development of industrial cooperation, to ensure the quality of industrial technology processes, to observe international good practices and to incorporate them into domestic industrial policy.  

The Platform will devote particular attention to technological and industrial research, to contribute to the development and renewal of the pool of professionals needed in the relevant sectors. 


Hungarian delegation at the Motor Valley Festival

For the fifth time, the Motor Valley Festival was held in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Modena, Italy, from 11-14 May. The Neumann Nonprofit Ltd. in cooperation with the Consulate General of Hungary in Milan, with a Hungarian delegation and the participation of four HYPER (Hungarian Yellow Pages for Export Reconnaissance) companies (Mindtech Kft., Comnica Kft., White Hat IT Security Kft., GoZero) was represented at the famous open-air festival.

IME Data-Driven Health and Cybersecurity conference

The IME Data-Driven Health and Cybersecurity conference was organized by the Hungarian Healthcare Management Society (MEMT) on 11 May 2023 at the Radisson Blue Béke Hotel, with the professional support of the Health Management Training Centre. The opening speech of the event was delivered by Szabolcs Szolnoki, Deputy State Secretary for Technology, Ministry of Economic Development.