The use of innovative technological solutions is essential in the development of our country's settlements. Civitas Sapiens supports the development programmes of local and regional communities, as well as smart city developments by implementing domestic and EU programmes, and promoting the introduction of Smart Building solutions and GovTech developments.  

The most urgent task for Hungary is to improve the immediate living conditions of the people living in the countryside, therefore our main goal is to improve the quality of rural life and the ecosystem, strengthening the cooperation of rural communities, and increasing the power of the countryside to retain and attract the population through the implementation of demand-driven rural development programmes such as Digital Village Programme. 

In order to ensure the sectoral further training of settlement managers and development specialists involved in the development of settlements, we have created digital regional development training courses, which we improve every year. 

With our events – Civitas Sapiens Smart City Conference, Digital Countryside Conference – we encourage dialogue and cooperation between government, local government, economic, scientific and civil actors, as well as local citizens. We inspire the technological development of small settlements with the „Digital Village of the Year” Award, established in 2021.