The 5G Coalition

Established as a platform for professional cooperation in the summer of 2017, the 5G Coalition (5GC) now comprises 89 member organisations. The objective of the organisation comprising representatives from industry, academia and the government is to enable Hungary to become one of the hubs of 5G developments in Europe, and to stake a claim in spearheading the introduction, distribution and application of 5G.

Workflow, activity:

The 5G Coalition is managed by a Board of 7 elected board members and working on theme-specific work plans in 6 working groups with more than 235 experts. The annual plenary session combined with professional conference and exhibition is attended by 200 people.

The most important results:

  • the 5GC has brought together the representatives of the Hungarian 5G ecosystem – continuously expanded with vertical industries ¬– in order to work together for the common goals,
  • 5GC was involved in the preparation of the 5G Strategy of Hungary, supported this professional material with its ideas, suggestions and expertise,
  • 5GC is participating in the dissemination of 5G, in the introduction of 5G, in the 5G related dialogues, 5GC is providing objective, official guidance regarding 5G in conferences, in the press and via other communication channels,
  • with the help of internationally recognized Hungarian experts in horizontal workshops, the 5GC works on topics that society interested in currently, e.g. health aspects of 5G and safety issues of 5G,
  • with the active participation of the 5GC member organizations, the testing of 5G-based intelligent transportation use cases has been launched on the 5G-based Automotive Proving Ground Zala Zone in Zalaegerszeg and the cooperation has just started with the Mezőhegyesi Digital Demonstration Farm about the development of 5G capabilities,
  • in order to establish the 5G era’s multidisciplinary cooperation, the 5GC has continuous dialogues with different vertical industries: transportation, agriculture, logistics, later on 5GC plans to have cooperation with healthcare, entertainment and media industries as well,
  • the 5GC has investigated the forms of cooperation for optimal network deployment in order that infrastructure development and network sharing can take place in a competition-neutral way,
  • 5GC participates in the utilization of the Hungarian innovation potential in the way that the 5GC member organizations provide 5G competence and 5G capabilities for the innovation centers,
  • 5GC participates in the evolvement of the international knowledge transfer back and forth, in the introduction and utilization of international best practices, in the international promotion of Hungarian 5G activities, in the creation of the 5G related R+D+I programs and cooperations.

Future plans:

  • Develop and make available socio-economic awareness programmes.
  • Optimal networking and sharing, building partnerships for the macroeconomic optimum.
  • Provide 5G competences for industrial testbeds, innovation centres.
  • Strengthening industry dialogue, involving verticals, developing innovation partnerships.
  • Develop international links, knowledge transfer back and forth, international best practices.
  • Developing and international representation of the Hungarian 6G position.