Data Repository

The Government adopted the Hungarian Artificial Intelligence Strategy and certain measures necessary for its implementation by Resolution 1573/2020 (IX.9.), which defines the Data wallet initiative as a long-term, transformative objective that will fundamentally determine the development of the Hungarian artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem.

Data wallets are therefore a data-industry-data-technology initiative that aims to enable users to manage and share their data

§  held by the State,

§  and its quality-assured market players,

process, share and authorise financial and/or services and/or data transactions on their behalf, subject to appropriate data protection safeguards. In practice, this means that the data repository enables the user to organise the secondary use of his data managed by public and key economic actors for specific purposes - in an operational model that creates new data and services for all parties involved in the cooperation.

The aim is to enable citizens to participate as active and responsible actors in the data economy for secondary data use and to fully exercise their fundamental right to the protection of personal data. To this end, they must be able to exercise control over their data and to participate actively and securely in the secondary use of the data collected about them. The Data wallet initiative aims to ensure that both companies and individuals participate in the data economy in an interested and transparent way, creating a regulated framework for all parties to maximise the benefits of data assets accumulation, building on the forward-looking opportunities offered by the GDPR and PSI II Directives.