Perhaps one of the most preoccupying issues of our time is the current state of Artificial Intelligence, its legislative background and its use in the business world. These exciting questions provided the occasion for the AI Business forum 2023, held at the impressive Paris Courtyard Hotel on 13 September 2023. Among the invited speakers were Szabolcs Szolnoki, Deputy State Secretary for Technology, and Miklós Tóth, Head of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition.

It is undeniable that artificial intelligence is at the forefront of technological innovation and is increasingly present in fields that are typically thought of as less connected to each other, such as medicine, precision agriculture and human resources.

The question the conference sought to answer was whether this technology should be feared, or could it be used to one’s advantage.

During the day-long conference speakers addressed questions such as the management possible risks and of AI, the conditions needed for its success in practice, and the advantages and disadvantages of its use in different fields – namely innovation, automation, marketing and communication.

Among the keynote speakers was Szabolcs Szolnoki, Deputy State Secretary for Technology at the Ministry of Economic Development, who presented on“Strategy-Making, Project Generation, Networking: State Involvement in the Development of the Hungarian AI Ecosystem”.

During the professional programme Miklós Tóth, head of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition supported by Neumann Technology Platform, shared his thoughts on the topic in a roundtable discussion with Norbert Fischer, the head of innovation at Gloster Infocommunication PLC. and Ferenc Muck, the co-founder of FF.Next.

During the discussion Miklós Tóth referred to one of the current research and development activities of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition, where many breakthroughs have been achieved within a short period of time. Currently a chatbot is being developed that could teach the new curriculum of the AI Challenge course using artificial intelligence, while meeting the student’s need for socialisation. The software, using a new AI model, would act as a conversational partner during the course, whom the user could ask questions, putting the course material into the context of a chatbot. The interference will be available to those who complete the new version of the AI Challenge, being released in the last quarter of 2023.

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