One of the main objectives of the Hungarian Artificial Intelligence Strategy (MIS), adopted by the Government by Government Decision 1573/2020 (IX.9.), is to launch the Hungarian data economy and develop the digital ecosystem, including the data economy ecosystem. This is being implemented by the National Data Economy Knowledge Centre (NATUK) under the supervision of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and within the framework of the Neumann Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd.

NATUK carries out tasks related to artificial intelligence and data economy for the implementation of the MIS measures. The Knowledge Centre's flagship project will focus on setting up economic models to regulate the data warehouse and data economy issues, and encourage Hungarian SMEs to become data-intensive as a means of economic recovery. NATUK provides data-driven, tailored data economy, public policy, administrative and legal quality assurance.

NATUK's mission is to develop a data-driven and quality-assured process system along four dimensions - economic, legal, technical and public policy. NATUK aims to promote the control of private data assets and the activation of private data assets by transposing international best practices and raising awareness of stakeholders' interests, resulting in an increase in the international competitiveness of the Hungarian data economy ecosystem.