Projekt name: Enhancing the digital competences, e-commerce skills and climate adaptation of vulnerable small businesses

The project was awarded a grant under the Erasmus+ Programme's Strategic Partnership in Adult Education category.

The #keepup project provides development opportunities for vulnerable small businesses in the areas of digital competences, e-commerce and climate change adaptation. The 27-month project, which will start in November 2020, will develop training materials on e-commerce, climate change adaptation and digital skills. The project will be implemented by a consortium of 6 partners: Neumann János Nonprofit Kft. (coordinator) and CAM Consulting Kft. (Hungary), European Digital Learning Network (Italy), Slovak-Italian Chamber of Commerce (Slovakia), BSC Kranj (Poslovno Podporni Center, doo, Slovenia) and Fundacion Tecnologia Social (Spain).

Small businesses are more vulnerable and less able to compete with large transnational corporations. But innovative digital solutions can provide these businesses with powerful tools to overcome these challenges. The project aims to help these businesses take advantage of the internet, social media and e-commerce. With these skills, small rural businesses will also be able to take advantage of ICT opportunities and manage their work more efficiently, while saving costs. In the framework of the #keepup project, the consortium will organise a series of multiplier events to showcase and promote the progress of the project and its outcome products to stakeholders.

The project website is available at https://keepup-project.eu/ website

Press releases about the project:

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